Bathroom Renovation: 7 Tips to Keep the Costs Within Your Budget

Have you just bought a new house but still have a bathroom that is not to your taste? Or has your current bathroom been there for years and is now very outdated? In short, do you have a bathroom that urgently needs replacing, but not a large budget? It is possible to refurbish a bathroom to make it look like new again with little money. We give you seven useful tips to renovate the bathroom on a minimum budget.

Tip 1: Be critical
First of all, ask yourself if it is really necessary to do the whole bathroom. Especially if you have a smaller budget, it is wise to see if there are still products from the current bathroom that you can keep. Perhaps the washbasin is still in good condition and only the tiles need replacing. Or are the walls still acceptable but is the furniture outdated? A beautiful new bathroom cabinet does not have to cost a lot.

Tip 2: Determine the budget for the new bathroom
This tip seems very obvious, but it often happens that people reconsider while redecorating. Especially when they see other, more expensive products on the internet or in a showroom that match their preferences even better. Therefore, set a clear budget for yourself, at the point where you know exactly what you are going to renovate. Estimate how much everything will cost and how much money you want to spend on it, and build in a buffer for any setbacks. Do not deviate from this plan during the renovation.

Tip 3: Do as much as you can yourself
You probably have handy family members or friends who can help you break out (parts of) the old bathroom. Also, hanging a mirror or bathroom cabinet is generally not difficult. Especially if you have two right hands, this is easy to do. But when determining the budget, keep in mind that you should hire installers and plumbers. Not all jobs can be done by yourself. For example, if you have never laid tiles before, it is not wise to suddenly start tiling the entire bathroom. It is better to hire someone for that.

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