Best HRIS Software Systems 2021

Human resource information system (HRIS) can be defined as a software or online solution used for data entry, record keeping and data management of all HR activities of an organization. With the world of work in constant flux, HR systems and processes must adapt to a data- and technology-centric, people-centric world. Workforce information systems have also evolved over the past decade to embrace these new trends in the workplace. Let’s take a look at what an HRIS is in today’s context, what it can do, and what it can help the organization achieve.

Best HRIS Software Systems 2021

Benefits of an HRIS

There are a number of distinct advantages to using an HRIS. That’s why companies of all sizes are implementing this tool to support their human resources activities. The HRIS maintains employee information centrally. A wide range of employee data is then easily accessible, in one system.

Record keeping. An HRIS is a record-keeping system that keeps track of changes in everything related to employees. The HRIS can be seen as the single source of truth when it comes to employee data.

Compliance. Some data is collected and stored for compliance reasons. This includes material for employee identification in case of theft, fraud or other misconduct, first contact information in case of accidents, civilian identification information for the IRS, and expiration dates for mandatory certification. All of this information can be stored in the HRIS. It is essential that the data be stored safely and securely, in accordance with U.S. regulations.

Efficiency. Having all this information stored in one place not only improves accuracy, but also saves time. Some companies still keep a lot of employee data as physical paperwork. Finding the right folder, and finding the right sheet, can take up a lot of staff time.

HR Strategy. The HRIS allows you to keep track of data needed to advance HR and business strategy. Depending on the organization’s priorities, different data will be essential to keep track of. This is where the HRIS shines.

Self-Service HR. A final benefit is the ability to offer self-service HR to employees and managers. This allows employees to manage their own affairs. When done right, the HRIS can provide a great employee experience. Keep in mind that not all HRIS systems offer this in a user-friendly way!

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