4 Ways to Lower Your Utility Bill Without Sacrificing Comfort

Ways to Lower Your Utility Bill

Your utility bill is a necessary and unavoidable expense but that doesn’t mean you can’t lower it. Being smart about the energy you use in your home and how often you use it can result in a significantly lower electric bill. And in many situations, you don’t have to alter your quality of life in order to make energy-efficient changes. Consider the following opportunities to lower your monthly utility bill. 

1. Change Air Filter Regularly

Changing your air filter does more than improve the air quality in your home. The dust that accumulates on your filter actually makes it more difficult for your air conditioner to cool your house down. Your air conditioner has to push through all the dust and debris to change the temperature in your home. You should also make sure the outside of the vents in your home are free of debris. Cleaning your vents regularly will improve air flow and make your HVAC system more energy efficient. 

2. Unplug All Devices

It’s tempting to leave all your devices plugged in at all times because it’s a pain to have to plug your television into the wall every time you want to use it. Many people are under the impression that it doesn’t matter anyway, that your television doesn’t use power if it’s turned off but this is unfortunately not true. Your devices will use power even when you don’t have them turned on. But thanks to new technology, you don’t have to physically get up to turn your devices on every time you want to use them. You can purchase smart power strips that connect to an app on your phone that allow you to turn off all your devices with a click of a button. When your devices are not in use, turn off the power strip connected to them. 

3. Utilize Black Out Curtains

t just for blocking out pesky light when you’re trying to sleep. Black out curtains are also energy efficient and will help keep heat out of your home on those hot summer days. You can also use black out curtains to insulate your home from drafts during the harsh winter. While getting black out curtains for every room in your house might not be feasible, putting them in the rooms where you spend most of your time will allow you to use your HVAC system less often.

4. Energy Rebate Programs

Find out if you qualify for a rebate program from your local electrical company. Electrical companies will often reward you for using efficient appliances or solar power. Additionally, many electrical companies offer a break in their rates for low-income earners. See if your income qualifies you for a discount on your electric bill.

Lowering your electric bill doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. You don’t need to buy new energy-efficient appliances or drastically change your lifestyle to lower your monthly bill. Make a few small changes to your daily routine and you’ll be rewarded with more affordable electric costs.

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