Tax Deadlines for Expats

Just as most US taxpayers must file their tax returns and pay the taxes due by 18 April (unless an extension applies), expats living and working as US citizens in another country are also required to file. However, if you live abroad, the rules for tax filing and deadlines are a bit different for expats. The tax deadlines for expats are generally the same each year, with the exception of 2020 and the extensions due to the coronavirus. View the tax consequences of the coronavirus (COVID-19) for U.S. expatriates living abroad.

Expat tax deadlines for 2022

The U.S. reports on a calendar year basis, which means you are taxed on income on a January 1 – December 31 basis. Your expat tax deadlines are as follows:

Filing deadlineApril 18, 2022
Filing deadline for expatsJune 15, 2022
Filing deadline with extensionOctober 17, 2022
Deadline to pay tax dueApril 18, 2022
FBAR deadline (FinCEN Form 114)April 18, 2022 with an automatic extension to October 17

Do I have to pay U.S. taxes if I live abroad?
Expats are required to file a US tax return each year, but sometimes they may not owe US taxes due to tax benefits (such as the Foreign Earned Income Exclusion and Foreign Tax Credit) that are available to them. However, if any of the following situations apply to you, you may still owe US taxes.

  • You live and work in a country with lower tax rates than the U.S.
  • You are not taxed on your foreign investments; or
  • You continue to receive income from US sources

Estimated tax payment deadlines for U.S. citizens overseas

If you live outside the US and usually owe US taxes, you may have to make quarterly estimated tax payments to the IRS. A tax expert abroad, who specialises in expat tax can help you calculate those quarterly payments so you can avoid penalties at the end of the year.

Quarterly Income and Expat Self Employment Tax Deadlines

1st installment quarterly income and self-employment taxesApril 18, 2022
2nd installment quarterly income and self-employment taxesJune 15, 2022
3rd installment quarterly income and self-employment taxesSeptember 15, 2022
4th installment quarterly income and self-employment taxesJanuary 15, 2023

Tax extensions for expats

Your US tax information will still be reported on a calendar year basis, even if you live in a country that taxes on a fiscal year basis rather than a calendar year basis (the UK and Australia, for example).

If you are concerned about getting your taxes done before the deadline, applying for an extension may give you more time to gather information before the end of the tax year of the country where you live. Find a local Expat Tax Advisor to help you with tax extensions and they will handle your paperwork for you.

FBAR filing deadline

The deadline for filing the FBAR is the date you are required to file your tax return, although FinCEN has granted an extension until 17 October for the majority of filers.

Get your expat taxes done on time with an Expat Tax Service

Whether you are early, on time or behind, there is a tax solution for you – whether you want to take the wheel yourself with an online do-it-yourself expat tax service designed for US citizens living abroad, or prefer to leave the wheel in the hands of one of an experienced tax advisor.