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Truck Drivers Shortage Is Making Truck Driving Jobs Very Lucrative

Trends of shopping online have grown manifold in recent years. It has resulted in high demand for truck drivers. Given the stagnant numbers of truck drivers, there is a shortage of truck drivers in America. You can easily find a lot of advertisements for a truck driver position. To overcome this shortage, companies are doing everything in their capacity. They are spending a lot of money to lure people into becoming a truck driver. They have increased the salary and incentives of new drivers. In such a situation, opting for an opportunity of driving position may mean that you start with handsome pay at the beginning.

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Increasing Salary for Truck Drivers

Companies are rapidly increasing pay rates for Truck Driver jobs to fill their vacant positions rapidly. It has been reported that the trucking industry needs a lot of truck drivers very fast to sustain the industry. Washington Post reported that online retailers like Amazon need at least 50000 truck drivers for smoothly running their operations. The growth of such retailers is increasing at a rapid pace in recent days. It can be safely predicted that the demand for drivers is only going to increase.

This shortage makes it necessary that the industry makes special efforts to make the driving job interesting for the people. The most common way of doing that is increasing the pay. This sounds like a piece of bad news for the companies that employ truck drivers. At the same time, it is exciting news for the Americans looking for a job. This shortage is only going to result in a better working environment and pay and other allowances. This situation is expected to remain the same for quite some time in the near future.

Take Midwest for example. The starting salary for drivers is $80000 now. And remember it is just the starting salary. Some companies are paying even more than that also. You may also find a driving job where you work with a partner. In such cases, you can produce even higher output. Your starting salary may start from 100000 and go up to 150000 in such cases. Isn’t it amazing!

What’s better than this pay will get only better with time. As your skills and experience improve companies increase the salary even more. Your salary also depends on your output, meaning how many miles you drive and how much output you produce. It also depends on the state you work in.

In such market conditions, one related job profile emerging in the market is of a professional driving teacher. These teachers teach the new drivers titbits of the truck driving industry. Some companies require some specialized skills in their drivers. These teachers help the new drivers in attaining these skills. Such teachers easily make around $80000 per year. For some companies, this pay structure may even be better than this.

The American trucking association estimates that the shortage of truck drivers is going to explode over the next few years. They expect that the number of vacancies will be over 175000 by 2026. These numbers may be astronomically high during the peak demand season.

Better Pay and Benefits

Salary is only one part of renunciation. Companies are going all-in to fill in their vaccine truck driver positions. These companies are offering very attractive incentives for the new drivers joining their ranks.

In recent years, the nature of the truck driver job has changed drastically. The companies have incorporated a lot of innovative ideas to keep their delivery cost low. The number of deliveries is increasing very fast. The new systems mean that the resultant cost of delivery for the company is very low. This enables them to pay their drivers very well. However, delivery is a very key component of their operations. To make them as lucrative as they can they are also adding a lot of incentives to their drivers.

Along with better pay and incentives, the drivers are getting health insurance, paid holidays, local routes and much more. This all is designed to make the job of truck drivers appealing to job seekers. The drivers who are ready to go out of the way and take tough routes are compensated really well.

How to Find a Truck Drivers Job in United States

The life of a truck driver is not suitable for everyone. But if you think that you are the right match, you can easily find a driving job. Once you are appropriately trained, this job is not going to sound much tough and you are going to enjoy it. You can easily search available truck drivers jobs online and shortlist some positions that are best for you considering the route, pay and everything else.